Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rejections are not that bad!!!

"Thanks for Applying. After reviewing over 350 amazing applications, I have to confess........ "
I received these lines recently from Domino Project. For those who haven’t yet heard about this project, Seth Godin, along with Amzon, initiated this project to reinvent the way books are created, purchased, read, and to help great authors to connect to the readers in need of their ideas. I am excited about this project as I really feel the concept is very natural and people are going to accept this new form of book reading and writing. So, when I got an email stating that I can be part of this project, I applied immediately....and got rejection few days later. 

You are right, this made me sad. But I know, rejections are part of the life and trying to learn to accept the rejections. I thought about this rejection a bit more. And I got few reasons to not to be sad about the rejection.
  • The Domino team didn’t make me wait endlessly. Most of the time people don’t share bad news and you just end up waiting endlessly, which is bad. I am happy to know that Domino team is good and care about people. 
  • If I truly care for the project, I should be happy to know that they got more talented candidate than me.  
  • One more reason, they send me a free copy of Unleashing the Ideavirus. You can also download this book from here for free.
So, if somebody said no to you, don’t get upset. If possible figure out the pluses. After rejection, anything positive, no matter how small it is, tastes too good.


  1. There is a popular idiom "Failure is our friend on the road to success". As much as we struggle, success become more stronger. Gold is a good example of this. If we know the reasons of failure, we can try to improve that. Trying for success and getting failure is far better than not trying.
    If someone appear for interview and he get the feedback then his effort become success after getting that.
    Thanks again Prateek for sharing this nice article.

  2. I agree with the thoughts that failures are not bad... Whether it is professional OR it is personal failure. Our focus should be clear...we will get failed but we will be sucessful also one day if we are going in the right direcion.
    A very small example, If I would expect from my child to be no 1 and one day he/she gets failed then I should be the one to teach him/her that it's a part of life cycle and we have to accept the failures as well. One should face it boldly. Afer that if you get succeed, it would be a great fun with lot of satisfaction.
    Thanks a lot once again by sharing these wonderful thoughts with us.

  3. Puneet.arora07@gmail.comFebruary 21, 2011 at 5:05 AM

    I appreciate your courage to accept your rejection.

    Thanks for sharing ! Good Luck !