Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why I like Gerald Weinberg?

Gerald M. (Jerry) Weinberg
 Most of the employer provide no, or very little training when they promote people into management and leadership roles. I was also, sort of, on my own to learn the skills to perform my new assignment as Project Lead. While searching for something relevant to read, google pointed me to Gerald Weinberg’s Becoming a Technical Leader.Though I was dying to get this book, I had to wait for around a month. Dorset Publishing, the publisher of most of Jerry’s book, was not having any presence in India. It was 2005. I believe, even today, they don’t sell their books in India. Any way, I got the book and that’s how I was introduced to Jerry.

Since then Jerry’s writing are my best companion in my journey to understand the field of Software. In the beginning, when I started working as project lead, I was not able to understand that why my direct reports, once close colleagues, no longer seemed to respect or even like me. Jerry came to my rescue by making me understand fundamentals of my new role. He reminded me that I can no longer act as an individual contributor, my sole purpose is to develop my team members into promotable staff. He helped me to understand people’s behaviour and my relationship with them while guiding me to the process of taking charge of my own development.

Through his entertaining writing style, which appeals to my sense of humor, he introduced me to Problem Solving leadership. I always feel inspired by his writing. Jerry’s writing induce thinking. While reading his books I found myself, again and again, stopping and thinking. Co-relating myself with his situation, and trying to absorb the learning from his knowledge and experience.

Jerry is really remarkable and influential software and systems pioneer. He is wise. I wish to meet him someday, till then reading and re-reading his books.

Thank you very much Jerry.


  1. "Most of the employer provide no, or very little training when they promote people into management and leadership roles" Totally agree on this, I guess this is one of the biggest challenges of the Software Industry. Individuals and organizations should promote trainings and reading thoughts shared by such wondeful authors.

  2. Thank you, Prateek. I'm honored by your generous words.

    I think your readers in India (and other countries) may want to know that many of my books (including Becoming a Technical Leader) are available as eBooks, which you can obtain almost instantly anywhere in the world. No more waiting for months, and the books are much cheaper, too.



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  3. Jerry's books have always challenged my way of thinking. I don't always like having to re-evaluate my ideas but Jerry asks the right questions.

    I recently suggested reading "Becoming a Technical Reader" for our group's book club and it was heartily accepted! We ordered over 20 PDF copies and I think another 20 are being ordered this week. This will be the third or fourth time that I've read it and I've given out at least four paper versions of the book.

    Thanks for writing a classic book Jerry and thanks to Prateek for exposing it to a wider audience.

  4. Thanks Prateek for sharing this blog.
    This is a truth that if we get leaders like you in our India which helps us to introduce with such great authors books then I don't think one should need a training before entering into the leadership role.
    In that case, we can always get in touch with great leaders like you & refer such good books which Mr.Weinberg has written for further guidence.
    Thanks for sharing this blog :)