Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My agenda for this weekend's Agile meetup

It takes a lot of time and energy to go to any community event, meetup, or conference (If it's not happening at your place!!). There must be some solid reasons and agenda if you are going to attend one.

I've attended few events in the past and tried to be as attentive as I could be in all those sessions and presentations. But I don't remember much from those sessions. All I remember is the wonderful, passionate people I met and the inspiration I derived from them.

This time too, I am trying to focus on what resonate with me well, the one on one discussions about the things other people are working on. Listening their insight on the projects and problems and to see if I can be of some help. Or hangging out with somebody cool at a cool place.

Although all this isn't very natural to me, as I think I am a bit shy, going to try anyway. And I wish this weekend event is going to support individual interactions and conversations that really matters. I also wish, at the end, people will remember me for some meaningful conversations.
P.S. Nice people at Kronos Systems are hosting Agile meetup on 26th March, 2011. If you are interested you can email to


  1. Conversation and interactions are the best way to share the good and bad experiences about any process, methodology or an object.
    Try to do something good without focusing on result is far better than being useful. You are always helpful and during conversation with you, people have to find out the useful things which you want to share.
    Weekend meetup is a big endeavor and good example of your innovative idea.
    Hope, everyone will be beneficial.

  2. Prateek, sure it takes time and energy. But even one genuine connection - if it clicks - makes it worth the effort.

    I think conferences are more for connections and brainstorming (during breakout sessions) than anything else. Normally conferences are a mix of sponsor pitches with some Gyaan in between; with some notable exceptions like TED. Guess there is a huge opportunity for curating TED like conferences in different niches. Some people are already on to it.

    That said if the intention of the attendee is to learn then keeping a notebook handy makes sense. For me recording improves recall, hope it is the same for many others.

    Wish you success and joy in everything you do.