Sunday, May 8, 2011

Poke The Box

I always believe that all of us have an urge to "do work that matters". I also believe that we all have at least one, all, or something similar to these aspirations
  • a brilliant idea
  • a dream we believe in so much
  • a desire to take an initiative; we know will benefit a lot of people
  • a strong desire to change something
  • a new friendship
  • or a new relationship.
Even then, most of us feel that we are stuck at the starting line and just wait for the right moment to arrive. This small manifesto, by Seth Godin, can give you the small push needed to start something, start something now, without waiting.


  1. Waiting for right time to do something? Then that time will never come. As soon as you think to do something or hunting an idea in mind, do start to implement that without waiting for someone or suitable timing or availability of resources.
    The most important thing is to initiate something....... (half of the task become complete after a good start). so, why do we not avoid waiting?

  2. Find it interesting. Because I am one of those who finds it difficult to take initiative. Let me read your valuable suggestion (Book). It may help me a lot.

  3. Glad to see you poking the box Prateek :)

    Reading "Poke the Box" feels like as if somebody is holding your hand and seeing you through as you ship.

    Right moment is now. An approach known as "Hurry and Wait" works wonders for important work that needs to be done. In this approach whenever you work with a deadline even it is far - HURRY and do as much work as you can and then WAIT for the deadline.

    Meanwhile do whatever little tweaking that needs to done. It gives you a chance to sleep over and improve over 1st version. In the end, you are able to stay relaxed and give the best possible output.