Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are Your Lights On?

Have you ever had a day when things didn't go your way?
Have you ever felt that you solved a really tough problem but, other than you, nobody is excited about it?
Have you ever wonder why obvious problems were not so obvious to your boss?

Most people do, and some do almost every day. "Are Your Lights On?"
explains the anatomy of Problem, top to bottom. This book provide enough clues to understand the problems of problem.

The book playfully instructs the reader first to identify the problem, second to determine the problem's owner, third to identify where the problem came from, and fourth to determine whether or not to solve it.

If you are keen on becoming a more effective problem solver and looking for some food for your thoughts, I believe you are going to appreciate this cult classic.

This book is also a good collection of valuable Rules and Quotes. I got some of my favourites.
“If you can’t think of at least three things that might be wrong with your understanding of the problem, you don’t understand the problem.”
“If a person is in a position to do something about a problem, but doesn’t have the problem, then do something so he does.”
“In spite of appearances, people seldom know what they want until you give them what they ask for.”

Let me know if you want to talk or discuss about this book, if you've read the same one!

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  1. As you discussed, Book seems very good and a must read.

    Thanks for shairing Sir !