Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Search Of Problems

"The truly original mind is that which finds problems"
Isn’t it fair to assume that everybody wants to do something good, something meaningful? And too often, we find ourselves stuck, simply STUCK. At times, we may feel that what we do at workplace is just a routine work. Sometimes entrepreneur inside us become alive and our heart aches to start something on our own. Or sometime we just get bored with things in hand and really need to do something new.  That’s when we should search for the problems, lying unsolved around us.

" A Problem is a difference between thing as DESIRED and things as PERCEIVED "
This is true that world is full of problems; problems of every sort. Even then, its not always easy to figure out something, where you can put your heart. One thing, I believe can work, is asking people you meet, what they are working on and whether they can share their number one problem. I trust this will definitely lead to something meaningful, something your heart can resonate with.


  1. There is always a solution of every problem [H. L. Mencken]. Solution might be simple or complex but it is not as important as finding the problem. In most of the cases, finding problem is more difficult than getting its solution.

    Reformation can be brought as below:
    1. Finding problem (1-3 persons)
    2. Finding solution and develop proper plan (5-50 persons)
    3. Execute the plan as per schedule (100-10000 persons)

    How much valuable a person is if he find the problem ! I think, you are at point 1.

  2. I am so new to your blogs , Prateek! I wonder how we miss an oppurtunity when we meet people not so known to us. We fail to see the sharp intellect and just engage in casual banter.

    Way to go !!